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  • How to buy a suitable automatic labeling machine, what is the difference between different prices?

    2019-12-06 20:34:19
    1. There are many types of labeling machines, different varieties, different functions, different uses, without configuration, the prices are not the same, just like full-automatic and semi-automatic labeling machines, and the same brand and different models of cars with different prices The truth. Looking at the entire labeling machinery market, different manufacturers and different cities will have different prices.
  • Talk about the role of labeling machines in various industries

    2019-12-05 21:16:09
    In recent years, the outer packaging of goods has also become higher and higher. The labeling machine in product packaging has played a great role here. People in the labeling machine industry are not unfamiliar, because many companies will use it. , And now with the development of our technology, the technology of the labeling machine has gradually improved, let ’s talk about the labeling machine in detail below!
  • When the labeling machine encounters a problem?

    2019-12-04 09:30:42
    ​When the labeling machine encounters a fault, it can be adjusted from the following four aspects.
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