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What are the reasons that affect the speed of the labeling machine?
2020-08-07 00:00:00

What are the reasons that affect the speed of the labeling machine?

1. Label output speed:

When matching with the output of the sticker labeling machine, it is often impossible to comprehensively determine the output speed of the sticker labeling machine based on the label width and printing speed. It is unreasonable to only select the largest output index in the manufacturer’s sample, because the manufacturer The maximum output index given by the sample is generally based on a certain label length and a certain printing method. Therefore, when choosing the output of the self-adhesive labeling machine, you must first check the conveying speed.

2. Encoding speed:

The printing speed of the labeling machine is particularly important for the labeling machine used in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, when choosing the feeding speed of the labeling machine, the printing speed of the printing machine should be considered. The smallest printing machine can be counted as the actual label capacity value.

Printing is usually mainly used on the label batch number in the pharmaceutical industry. The hot stamping head prints the text through the process belt. Why is the hot stamping sticker printing the preferred method of batch printing in the pharmaceutical industry? In the current inkjet printing hot stamping method, the maintenance cost of the hot stamping equipment is low, when the solvent is similar to the inkjet printing device, it will not happen in the circulating air conditioning system; third, a belt can be recycled to Green side.

Although hot stamping has its own characteristics, it also has its weaknesses, that is, the hot stamping speed is limited. The fastest speed of the domestic hot stamping machine is generally 400 times per minute, and the printed text cannot be seen clearly afterwards. Therefore, some people think that the maximum output of the hot stamping sticker labeling machine can only be set at 400 sheets per minute, which exceeds 500 sheets. The self-adhesive labeling machine should be equipped with inkjet printing.

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