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The development direction of automatic labeling machine
2020-08-04 00:00:00

After the automatic labeling machine has been used in many tasks in the society, it is very popular, because it not only has the function of automation, but more importantly, the accurate and beautiful labeling, in appearance, it guides the customers who buy the product to choose . What is the development direction of automatic labeling machine?

Packaging machinery is used in various food, daily chemicals, medicine, packaging and other operating manufacturers, especially automatic labeling machines. The technical content of packaging machinery in our country has gradually increased, and the demand for automatic labeling machines in the domestic market has increased rapidly. The automatic labeling machine is mainly used in food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other operations. For example, the automatic labeling machine serves as a later process in the packaging process. It plays a very important role in the entire packaging process. This is related to industrial production and daily life. Days are closely related, and the production of packaging operations starts quickly. The labeling speed of the automatic labeling machine is higher. In the past, the general labeling was hundreds to thousands of times per hour. This speed is far from enough for modern production. It will be able to apply thousands or even tens of thousands of times per hour. , Completely replace the high cost of manpower labeling! Labeling stability is higher, modern, high-efficiency skills requirements put forward higher requirements for the labeling process, the equipment security requirements are better, the failure rate requirements are reduced, To save time and money. Regarding label varieties such as self-adhesive, it will be fully compatible; regarding products, more personalized planning, such as the special appearance of the special-shaped bottle, can be finished with equipment; labeling accuracy will be higher, more accurate, and advanced induction Use of measurement skills,

The use of recognition skills and ultra-fine measurement skills in the automatic labeling machine equipment makes the automatic labeling machine stronger.

The automatic labeling machine is developed in the direction of high efficiency, perfect function and high intelligence, and it can also ensure the product anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, moisture-proof, mildew, etc., and extend the product storage time.

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