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Precautions before operation of double-sided labeling machine
2020-07-27 18:12:00

Precautions before operation of double-sided labeling machine:

1. First, plug the power supply of the double-sided labeling machine into a single-phase power supply (for safety self-inspection, pay attention to whether the bottom line is intact before the equipment power supply).

2. The whole label of the equipment: put the whole label under the fixed sleeve of the label board, and the left label head: the direction is clockwise (from the bottom of the label to the direction of the conveyor belt) to detach the label, put the whole label on the label tray and flatten it.

3. Insert the label in the direction shown in the manual, peel off the tip of the label plate and peel off the label. The base film tail surrounds the base film and the core of the base film counterclockwise. Remove the clamp and clamp the label film between the base and the bottom of the core film. between. After the entire film is pasted, the label must be placed on a horizontal surface, and the conductive film must be affixed to the corresponding enclosure in the proper orientation to ensure the positive guide plate.

4. Check that the products labeled today are the same as yesterday's. Otherwise, the parameters of the double-sided labeling machine need to be adjusted. Otherwise, there will always be problems when labeling.

5. Turn on the power switch, the screen indicator light is on. To enter the guide screen, first touch the function menu to enter the launch operation screen. Touch the starting block, the work indicator on the screen flashes, the whole machine actively works, and the conveyor belt starts to work.

6. The maintenance of the double-sided labeling machine must be cleaned. The labeling machine simply absorbs dust during use, so it is necessary to punctually sort the dust on the labeling machine. When the machine is placed, the dust on the labeling machine should be temporarily concealed to prevent the dust on the labeling machine from falling. In addition, the high temperature area of the labeling machine should be cleaned on time to ensure the high-quality work of the labeling machine.

7. The maintenance of the labeling machine should not forget to apply some lubricating oil. The machine after labeling should be coated with a certain amount of lubricating oil to ensure the smooth operation of the labeling machine. Therefore, the labeling machine should be Punctual maintenance can not only ensure the excellent working effect of the labeling machine, but also extend the service life of the labeling machine.

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