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  • Four kinds of welding cracks of automatic welding machine

    2019-12-22 15:54:35
    Have you encountered welding cracks? Welding crack is a kind of most harmful defect, which not only reduces the strength of the welded joint, but also causes stress concentration, which causes the welded structure to break after being carried, causes the product to be scrapped, and even causes serious accidents. According to the conditions of crack generation, cracks can be divided into four types: hot crack, cold crack, reheat crack and lamellar tear. The following is a brief introduction of four types of cracks in Guangzhou automatic welding machine: thermal cracks: during welding, the weld and the heat-affected zone metal is cooled to the high temperature near the solid phase line and the crack is called thermal crack.
  • Guangzhou automatic welding machine: the main classification of welding system of resistance welding machine

    2019-12-22 13:44:09
    Do you know which types of resistance welding machines are mainly divided into? Today, the editor of Guangzhou Automatic Welding Machine talked about the main types of resistance welding machine welding system. First, single-phase AC welding resistance machine
  • Guangzhou Automatic Welding Machine: Do you know how to deal with non-sticking of soldering machine?

    2019-12-22 13:06:28
    The soldering machine is equipped with a large size transparent window, which can observe the entire welding process, which is very important for product development and process curve optimization. Temperature control adopts high-precision intuitive intelligent controller, programmable perfect curve control, precise temperature control, simple parameter setting and easy operation. Can complete single, double-sided PCB board welding in all package forms such as CHIP, SOP, PLCC, QFP, BGA. Have you ever had problems with non-sticking when using soldering machines? Do you know what to do? Today, the editor of the Guangzhou automatic welding machine talked about how to deal with the soldering machine without tin;
  • Guangzhou automatic welding machine Xiaobian teach you how to buy electric welding machine!

    2019-12-20 23:04:55
    Not a connoisseur, it is very easy to be biased by the shopping guide when buying an electric welding machine. The characteristic is that it is not a regular place of purchase. Therefore, the editor of the Guangzhou automatic welding machine today tells you how to correctly choose an electric welding machine. Before spot welding machines, it is best to buy from regular specialty stores, manufacturers or large supermarkets. The quality of such products will be more guaranteed, have a certain degree of credibility, and be more secure in after-sales.
  • Guangzhou fully automatic welding machine: the reason for the too slow processing speed

    2019-12-20 22:27:50
    Straightening and cutting machine is a machine for straightening and cutting steel bars with a diameter of less than 14 mm. The cutting length can be customized according to customer requirements. Straightening and cutting machine is widely used for stainless steel wire, cold drawn wire, galvanized wire, iron wire, steel wire, aluminum wire, water pumping line, steel bar and so on. Do you know why the straight cutting machine is too slow? The following is a brief introduction of the Guangzhou automatic welding machine. First, the size of the motor power
  • Guangzhou Automatic Welding Machine Xiaobian talks about the four maintenance tips of the iron tip for you!

    2019-12-20 21:24:06
    Do you know what a soldering iron head is? The soldering iron tip is a complementary product of the electric soldering iron, which is integrated. The soldering iron tip, the soldering iron tip, and the soldering tip are the same product, and are the supporting products of the electric soldering iron and the soldering station. The main material is copper, which is a consumable. So do you know the four maintenance tips for the tip? The following is a brief introduction of the Guangzhou automatic welding machine. First, the automatic soldering machine wipes the tip of the iron with a sponge before welding. If the tinned part of the soldering iron tip contains black oxide, a new tin layer can be plated, and then wipe the soldering iron tip with a moist cleaning sponge. This cleaning is repeated until the oxide is completely removed, and then a new tin layer is applied. And regularly clean the tip of the soldering iron.
  • How much do you know about the advantages of Guangzhou automatic welding machines?

    2019-12-20 14:04:29
    Everyone has their own strengths, so each person is unique. Fully automatic welding machines also need their own advantages to be irreplaceable. Today, I will talk about the seven advantages of automatic welding machines in Guangzhou. The precise mechanical quick clamping fixture can quickly clamp the workpiece and pinpoint the center of rotation of the weld.
  • What are the principles for the safe delivery of automatic welding machines?

    2019-12-20 12:22:50
    Automatic welding machine is a highly automated machine, which is divided into two parts: filter paper cutting and filter welding. Do you know the principle of safe production of automatic welding machines? The following is a small editor from Guangzhou Fully Automatic Welding Machine. I. It is necessary to check the conditions inside and outside the work site carefully before operation. It is necessary to check whether the outdoor construction or other structures have any effect on indoor hot welding and cutting. Impact, whether there is any flammable or explosive substance in the room. If necessary, the indoor gas should be sampled and analyzed, and the safety should be confirmed before entering the room for operation.
  • Is it better to buy a fully automatic welding machine or a semi-automatic welding machine?

    2019-12-19 22:07:45
    It is necessary to improve the level of welding mechanization and automation, such as the automatic welding machine completes program control and digital control; develop special welding machines that automate the entire process from preparatory procedures, welding to quality control; promote and expand CNC welding robots on automatic welding production lines And welding robots can improve welding production level and improve welding hygiene and safety conditions. (Plastic) welding The use of heat and pressure or other means to fuse two or more surfaces of a thermoplastic product into a whole.
  • What is the working principle of silk screen printing machine manufacturers

    2019-12-18 22:35:12
    After understanding its definition, we can solve the problem of how this printing tool works. How the screen printing machine works is a matter of how it works. We know that the screen printer has two tasks to complete, one is the printing of text and the other is the printing of images, so it needs to first print the text and the title of the image, and then manually or the printer to black the The ink is applied to the place where there are text and images on the printing plate, and then the paper or the thing to be printed can be applied on it, so that the printing effect can be achieved.
  • What is a fully automatic labeling machine? What is the role?

    2019-12-16 22:30:45
    Nowadays, automatic labeling machines are very common in today's society. In fact, the automatic labeling machines we are talking about here are different from manual labeling machines or handheld labeling machines. Handheld labeling machines are relatively cheap. It's only a few hundred dollars. The labeling of price tags in small supermarkets is also a way. In many cases, you must hold the machine to achieve the labeling action. In contrast, the automatic labeling machine has a great effect. Let's find out:
  • Solve the problem that the automatic labeling machine is always broken

    2019-12-09 22:55:38
    With the gradual development of information technology, more and more friends will find that while we master information technology, we are basically pursuing a better development era.
  • Development of semi-automatic labeling machine

    2019-12-09 22:25:34
    Among them, the quality has the biggest influence on the automatic labeling machine and semi-automatic labeling machine. The quality of the labeling machine is directly related to the opening of the labeling machine industry. Poor quality will definitely bring bad results to the labeling. China is a country with a large population. There is a large demand for food. In the face of the continuous emergence of food labeling, people have very high requirements for the safety and quality of food. As the food labeling machinery is opened very quickly, new technologies are continuously used in operations. On the other hand, there are still many companies in China that are relatively weak, and their technology research and development cannot keep up, and they are unable to satisfy the needs of shopping malls.
  • Labeling speed of automatic labeling machine

    2019-12-09 22:01:52
    In order to ensure the stability and efficiency of the automatic labeling machine operation, in our daily use process, in addition to working harder in the operation process, as the user,
  • Multifunctional labeling machine

    2019-12-09 21:23:15
    For labels applied by multifunctional labeling machines, they need to be free of wrinkles and bubbles, more conformable, beautiful, and not easy to fall off, so that the visual effects of the manufacturer can be achieved, which is also a very popular packaging form.
  • Automatic labeling machine

    2019-12-09 20:59:22
    In the general labeling work, as long as it can complete the labeling work and bring about a standard labeling effect, such a production is qualified. However, in today's commodity market, there are many types of goods, and the demand for packaging is constantly increasing. It is no longer enough to meet the market just to meet basic needs. Therefore, various industries are looking for development and improvement, not only to complete the task, but also to be able to show characteristics and bring some additional output value. The labeling machine is widely used in the packaging industry today, and its application market occupies a large proportion.
  • The labeling machine should be comprehensively developed from multiple aspects

    2019-12-06 22:08:29
    In the current market, various commodities are constantly updated to meet market changes. The diversification of labeling machines is an inevitable trend. If companies want to occupy the market position, it is imperative to realize the diversified development of products, then the flexibility of labeling machines is also important for product manufacturers. At present, the equipment lacks high precision and high technology
  • How automatic labeling machines quickly and accurately find the location of a fault

    2019-12-06 21:33:34
    I. Adjustment of labeling station
  • How to buy a suitable automatic labeling machine, what is the difference between different prices?

    2019-12-06 20:34:19
    1. There are many types of labeling machines, different varieties, different functions, different uses, without configuration, the prices are not the same, just like full-automatic and semi-automatic labeling machines, and the same brand and different models of cars with different prices The truth. Looking at the entire labeling machinery market, different manufacturers and different cities will have different prices.
  • Talk about the role of labeling machines in various industries

    2019-12-05 21:16:09
    In recent years, the outer packaging of goods has also become higher and higher. The labeling machine in product packaging has played a great role here. People in the labeling machine industry are not unfamiliar, because many companies will use it. , And now with the development of our technology, the technology of the labeling machine has gradually improved, let ’s talk about the labeling machine in detail below!
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