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How to choose labeling machine? Select according to function
2019-12-23 22:52:07

How to choose a labeling machine? Many people think that a labeling machine is the same, as long as the labeling can be, in fact, it is not. Different labeling machines have different choices for different labeling needs. Different industries and different forms of labeling determine our choice of labeling machines.

How can a pharmaceutical manufacturer choose a more cost-effective sticker labeling machine will be a concern. Throughout the domestic and international self-adhesive labeling machines, their working principles are similar, they are all made by label peeling, transfer and roll labeling, but their control and manufacturing are not the same.

In the control system of the labeling machine, the preferred control system is (PLC + Human Machine Interface). Compared with the early single-chip computers, using a general-purpose PLC as the main control device can make the PLC control system achieve the following purposes:

First, recognize the characteristics of the industry in which they are located. What special requirements does the industry have on machinery and equipment? For example, the food industry and the food industry have particularly stringent hygiene requirements. The equipment is mainly made of 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which is corrosion-resistant, does not rust, and meets the requirements of GMP production. Food production generally requires matching online The coding device prints the production date and batch number on the label to realize the integration of labeling and coding. Or flammable and explosive industries such as petrochemicals, which are particularly concerned about production safety, require equipment to take anti-static, explosion-proof and other safety measures. At present, there are many dedicated labeling machines for the industry. Priority should be given to the dedicated labeling machines belonging to the industry. For example, the semi-automatic wine labeling machine and automatic wine labeling machine developed by Xunyijie Automation for the wine industry are labeling equipment specially developed for the wine industry. They are labeling, back labeling, double labeling at the same time, and covering the back. Standard etc.

1.More stable and reliable;

2.The future maintenance is more convenient and the upgrade is simpler;

3. Can be conveniently controlled online with the upper and lower stations. In addition, the labeling machine must consider the addition of a visual system, which can perform real-time detection, control and alarm on the integrity of printing, the status of the characters, and whether the label after labeling is complete or not. More labeling equipment

2. Recognize your own production needs. Including product specifications and quantity, product output and production efficiency, labeling requirements, site requirements or whether to connect to production lines and so on. The labeling machine market has a variety of price gradient products, such as multifunctional labeling machines, simple labeling machines with special functions, high-performance high-speed high-precision labeling machines, and so on. Some customers often fall into a misunderstanding and require strong, large and comprehensive equipment. Buying a labeling machine is not that the more powerful the function and the better the performance, the better the price of the equipment. Blindly requesting some functional configurations that cannot be used in production itself causes unnecessary waste. In the case of considering the upgrade space of its own products, the correct selection of the product labeling specifications and product speed.

3. For customers who use labeling machines for the first time, because the labeling machine's performance and application are relatively unfamiliar, as far as possible, the samples and sample labels that need to be labeled are sent to the labeling machine manufacturer for evaluation and testing to reduce the possibility of purchasing Sexual risk.

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