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​Common sense of automatic labeling machine accessories
2020-07-30 11:44:00

Common sense of automatic labeling machine accessories

It can complete the labeling of round bottles, oblate bottles, square bottles, etc., and can be used in a single machine or connected to a production line.

The whole equipment is assembled by various accessories;

1. Unwinding equipment: it is a passive wheel, used to place the roll label. Generally equipped with a conflict braking device that can dispatch conflict forces, the purpose is to control the speed and tension of the reel, and to maintain smooth paper feeding.

2. Buffer wheel: connected by a coil spring, which can be swayed back and forth. The purpose is to absorb the tension of the roll material when the equipment is started, and keep the material in contact with each roller to prevent the material from cracking.

3. Guiding equipment: It is composed of upper and lower two, which play the role of guiding and positioning the reel materials.

4. Traction equipment: consists of a set of active conflict wheels. Generally, one is a rubber roller and the other is a metal roller, with the bottom paper passing in between;

The ring-linked labeling machine cleverly uses the principle of the eccentric wheel and uses two silicone sticks for traction, which increases the traction and reduces the cost of materials. The function is to drive the reel data to complete normal labeling.

5. Rewinding equipment: It is a driving wheel with conflict transmission equipment, which is used to rewind the bottom paper after labeling. The rolling paper delivery of the delivery wheel and the handling paper of the driving wheel do not interfere with each other, and the synchronous transmission is scheduled by the conflict equipment.

6. Stripping plate: There is a point of view from one end of the plate (usually less than 30°). The purpose is to make the label easy to mark out, separate from the bottom paper and contact the labeling object when the backing paper changes direction through the peeling board.

7. Label-applying equipment: Apply the labels that are separated from the bottom paper evenly and smoothly on the articles to be affixed.

8. Transport organization;

9. Transitional adjustment organization;

10. Separate bottle organization;

11. Labeling head organization;

12. The overriding organization;

13. Topping organization;

14. Human-machine interface organization;

15. Receiving tray organization;

16. Positioning organization;

17. Control the organization of electric boxes;

The above organizations are equipped according to customer needs, and can contact customer service for details.

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